Hank Johnson: Layers of Devra


Hank’s latest update reveals his thoughts on Devra, the Howcraft document and more…

Back. Where was I? Devra.

Put simply, Devra’s consciousness seems to be layered. Multiple memories and personalities contained in one person. It’s not like Wright who was an extreme example of a failed mind coup — a scrambling of sorts — rather it is like several overlapping saves of a document. This leads to having several overlapping but subtly conflicting memories of the same thing. Hard to explain, but worthy of thought.

In any case, it seems that the story we saw told through the Howcraft Document, augmented by Felicia’s pages, tells us what we already knew. Susanna and Klue, in some incarnation, encountered OLW, who was working on building or optimizing the Moyer Tecthulhu at the Jörmungandr cave in Buenos Aires.

There, they encountered an unknown group (New Wave Enlightened or New Wave Resistance?… eventually it will be of value to know), and despite considerable conflict, the Moyer Tecthulhu was completed.ti3dm2oi72nf7to

I had hoped to learn more detail from a Howcraft document in Rome, but did not prevail. Devra shares my suspicion that Resistance forces have the document, which means that Jahan probably has it. The problem is that we know little of Jahan’s activities post New Orleans.

However, I have the feeling that if she wants to be found, she’ll be found.xmsinifoiaicelhfitwsdk

For the moment I’m traveling with Devra and Farlowe. We don’t know which of us the PMC forces are after, but there’s strength in numbers.

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