Hank Johnson: A Prime Radio


Jahan reached out to Hank Johnson — but it’s the method of their communications that’s most interesting…

I was contacted by Jahan in a most unusual way… first by scanner and then via Prime Object.

While I don’t want to go into the specifics, it seems that the ability to reach into another’s mind across vast distances has ancient, transdimensional roots. One of the physicists might be able to comment better on this than I, but I suspect that it works through the Substrate. Could I feel it? I don’t know. This was strange — synesthetic — tangible.aiikpiym85c5i45

Our conversation was highly coded. She set the tone. Was it because she did not know who was listening in? Sign of the times that there is almost nowhere you can go and nothing you can do with an absolute certainty that you are not being overheard and recorded, even when using a form of communication that is shrouded so deep in secrecy.exqxsuuurwnuxtxswsvbkwutuuwzxr

The world around us might look a great deal like it used to, but it is nothing like what it used to be.

Hank J0hnson via Google+


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