Hidden Talents


How was Jahan able to unlock new abilities in Hank’s Prime Objects in order to contact him yesterday? His attempts to figure this out so far have failed… Misty, if you’re out there and listening, I think Hank could use a consult…

I spent much of today trying to figure out how Jahan had been able to turn the Prime Object into a communication medium yesterday. To no avail.

I have been able to use it before in other contexts — but I had never imagined that it could transport my mind and consciousness (if indeed that’s what it did) into the Substrate (if indeed that’s where it was).

This means a couple of things to me: Either the Prime Objects I possess can be made to access different kinds of abilities, or perhaps some Prime Objects have ‘hidden talents’ of sorts that can be turned on at will.zqfle8z3au4jz8ir2w

The fact that Jahan knows and is able to do this is worrying to me… where did she learn this?

Times like this I wish I had Misty to consult with. Despite her insistence that she has no special powers, I can imagine her picking up a 3000 year old artifact like a casual knick knack, sensing deep into it and then tossing it back at me… “It’s a transdimensional walkie-talkie, dummy.”mv867ivkzsh83zac

I am often in awe of the depths of her sensitive abilities…

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