The Trade


Jahan has obtained a fragment of a Howcraft document — she’ll give to Hank, but at a cost. As far as Hank is concerned, trading with Jahan is never quite that simple…

It turns out that Jahan acquired a portion of a Howcraft document via a New Wave Resistance Agent in either Rome or somewhere in Japan.

I suspect it would have been Rome… the Resistance were strong there and I had gone there during #ViaNoir based on rumors about a possible Howcraft document. I ended up empty handed but maybe the document didn’t get lost, just intercepted by the New Wave Res.

She has agreed to turn it over to me, but at a cost. Yeah, those terms are never good to hear when it comes to Jahan.

Mulling it over. Can’t go into the details, but if it’s relevant, I’ll share.qu9gntzjt!!nqsvjfou!!wofft

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