The Paradox


Whose interests was Lynton-Wolfe serving when he built the Tecthulhu?

The best intel and analysis I’ve come across allows me to assess the situation as follows…

The Enlightened won the Via Noir Anomalies, and this early victory enabled them access to some of the Tecthulhu’s secrets — the ones left behind in Lynton-Wolfe’s research chamber.

Jahan, however, continued to actively pursue her own leads. Resistance victories in Rome and particularly Japan helped her uncover some of what she was seeking. The Howcraft document I was chasing was one of those things.fn2h6h4a9sr4dbe\

In the end, it’s difficult to know whose interests Lynton-Wolfe was serving when he built the Tecthulhu, and in turn, who benefits more from its destruction.

Lynton-Wolfe is, in theory, Enlightened, but he and the Acolyte do not see eye to eye. In fact, his actions have often been seen as being guided more by Resistance ideals.1.857.

He’s kind of a paradox. A Ship of Theseus that’s rebuilding itself so constantly and so fast that one never knows exactly what one is looking at.

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