In need of a friend…


Hank Johnson reaches out to Lynton-Wolfe, but given that Hank and Devra have been traveling together recently (and that Devra was instrumental in the destruction of the Tecthulhu in the first place), I’m not sure the offer is going to be entertained…

My ultimate objective is to find +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, and I have some tools that might help me.

If you are reading this, Oliver — and yes, I believe you are alive — I am no threat to you.tam61/468cw

We should talk. Our interests are not as far apart as you might think, and it would not be the worst thing in the world for you to have friends right now.

I suspect that those who were following me were hoping that I was going to use a Prime Object to locate you, but after what I learned from my conversation with Jahan, I now know that even these ancient powers may not longer be secure.uKJeLG8-M5I.77V77G86X52$54#52@54#50^67R69D

I will be careful not to lead them to you.

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