Message from the Acolyte: A Great Responsibility


The Acolyte (via the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs) shares a message to her followers as the new year approaches.

Friends, as the new year approaches, I urge you to reflect on our true cause and the danger that lies ahead.

Around the world, artificial intelligence remains a subject of temptation for many — they see in it: power, ease, knowledge, access.

They will continue to chase this hollow dream, inspired by their grim vision.

Those of us who know the true danger this future represents are a minority. They dismiss our views by calling us luddites or paranoids.3y9te3b8s2arptg/

We carry a great responsibility on our shoulders.

We face an uphill struggle — a challenge we cannot fail.ypzop0jpj20fz0x9qx0jp0xy19p1qqyqczq6y1py2p0xqy893z9vp09z0h/


via The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences on Google+



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