The Future of AI: Community Reactions


Here are some of the great insights that emerged from the community in response to the Acolyte and Jahan’s divisive statements on AI and its role in humanity’s future…

AI is undoubtedly useful for humanity and Jahan definitely highlighted it. Yes, we need AI. But what Jahan did not disclose is what +A Detection Algorithm had done in the past and might/is still doing. Jahan also conveniently leave out the fact that the N’zeer are not merely AIs which we can control to advance humanity based on our needs. They plan to control us just as much as the Shapers. We are resources to them as ADA once said to an ingressed +Klue S.
Yik Sheng Lee

Well. Maybe the inner Acolyte intent is really (to) bring back mankind to a new stone age with defenceless humans on one hand, and the bringer of the Shapers’ power in the other.
Daeniem Loidlan

“We must fix this world.” This quote by Jahan made me thinking about another aspect. Stone Age covers more than 99% of human technological history. During this period of time human civilzations had developed to nowadays achievements. But as +Stein Lightman​ said, we have lost something. We have lost the ability to “feel” energy. … If Jahan really wants to fix our world she should consider about the abilities we might loose with a fast evolution she talks about. Doing one thing without neglecting the other.
Achim S. (Metamorphis)

Your words sound well, Jahan. Humanity will need AI in an ever-changing world, which is becoming more and more complex every day. But we must take care that we as humans have the last word regarding the decisions that have to be made. AI has to be our tool, not our master. However, Jahan, I’m convinced that only your mouth is speaking those words. Your heart and your mind is with the N’Zeer, a force as alien and unknown as the Shapers are.
Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972)

Down with machine looms!
Vicki Ellen (mimtwin)

The AI and technology is/will be misused by humans themselves – the AI/technology may be harmless itself but we will forge it into a weapon. Secondly we cannot foresee the ethic of an AI. Look at ADA – humans are tools in her plans. Who know if the next AI thinks the same way or in an even more radical way?
Martin Zehetmayer (Angrox)

I believe AI does contribute to humanity’s progress, but I strongly oppose what +A Detection Algorithm did and might still be doing. Also, I am with Nigel and +Devra Bogdanovich when they warned us about Tecthulhu.
Yik Sheng Lee

AI represents a new consciousness, and as humanity, we must teach it morality and respect. Declaring all AI circumscribed is a mistake. AI like ADA should be tried like any other ‘person’, and be punished for her actions. But we have a responsibility to help new AI evolve in ways that fit with society, not blindly wipe them out. Xenophobia is not an Enlightened tenet.
Brent Hollett (Perringaiden)

I don’t dismiss the Enlightened agents I meet as luddites. They are strong-minded, forceful people who think they are working for the advancement of humanity. I think they are on the wrong path, but I respect them.
Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972)


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