Hank Johnson: An Odd Sensation


Hank experienced an odd sensation today — as if he was being held in place while the universe unfolded around him. Could this be related to his attempt to contact Lynton-Wolfe some days ago?

Something odd happened to me today — it’s something I’ve never experienced before.

It was a sensation very different from an XM interaction like sensing a Portal or the history of a Powerspot…

For me, sensing XM is a bit like a tickle of instinct — I know I’m feeling something, but it doesn’t disorient me. It doesn’t replace any other part of my sensory experience. It’s just an awareness that there is something there — something special. When I focus, I can sense the details of that moment and place.

What happened to me today was different. It’s as if I was physically being moved through a multidimensional space — the world around me become layered and warped. I’m going a bad job of describing it… it’s as if time was smearing. I felt a physical force upon me, like I was being held in place while the universe moved in all directions.

I couldn’t figure out who or what was causing this — perhaps there are other Sensitives who could experience this and know what it meant — not me.

You may recall that some days ago I made a post asking Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to reach out to me. I don’t know if this was related to that or not…

Hank Johnson via Google+


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