Insights on the Portal


My gratitude to all the Investigators and Agents who weighed in on my experience from yesterday — it affected me in a tangible way, and I’m still processing what I witnessed. Your responses have helped me put what I saw together in mind…

This ceremony closely resembles the custom called “Sagicho” which has been passed down to Japan for a long time. … In Japan, fire often works like a portal connecting the world to the other world.

MailEater (白ヤギ)

Will it be the year where the Enlightened and Resistance work together against common enemies?

Raanan Avidor (ravidor)

I bet RES and ENL are unsplittable friends in the otherside. Let’s go beyond the border!

Ahimsa 4w0R1d (あひんさん)

One quote really stood out to me – the idea that the current battle isn’t exactly green vs blue, but more light vs darkness. … Be careful. Whether the New Wave of both factions intend it or not, darkness can follow that light.

Dave “Poketoa” Daniels

“Welcome to the other side” after building a portal of the “mind” isn’t ominous at all. Curiosity killed the cat and you’re woefully short on lives after all peculiar events to which your mind’s already been a party.

Kobalt Blues

Is this a step towards agents/humanity being free of the shaper/N’Zeer menace, taking control of the technology of the portal network?

QuantumIngress EffectIngress

Maybe they are beginning to see that factions are controlling their thoughts and actions and the burning released them from such elements of control

Yik Sheng Lee

Nice to know now agents can gather minds in a sort of shamanic ceremony.

Daeniem Loidlan

This was an act of cleansing. Ridding oneself of past wrongs, either to or from another.


Change Perspective Begin New Journey. 🙂 This must have been a wonderful experience.

Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa

A portal of shared human experience. Might this be a cause worth fighting for other than the selfish ambitions of Jahan and the Acolyte, or of the Shapers and the N’zeer?

Aaron P (m3taphor)


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