The New Wave Enlightened


When I shared my experiences at the new-year Portal ceremony, I claimed that I had seen both New Wave Resistance and New Wave Enlightened mixing.

An Agent in the comments called me out — saying that the existence of New Wave Enlightened has never actually been proven and to our knowledge we haven’t seen them engaging in any kinds of organized effort like the NWR have.

A fair criticism, and I do have to admit that I jumped to a conclusion there.

I have no way to confirm that the individuals I saw were actually NWE. It was dark and I was in unfamiliar terrain, but I’ll report what I saw and why I drew that conclusion.

Some had elaborate tribal tattoos. Others seemed to have ornaments made of wood, metal and other organic substances that I can’t fully identify (perhaps dried reeds or vines?). I saw incredible henna-like patterns across hands and arms.3632290008212438380908074522

The NWR were easy to identify. Many had a sharp and bright blue light, usually visible coming from an LED or similar technological augmentation near their skin. Even those who were not lit, sometimes I could see reflections off their skin — glints of metal circuitry patterns here and there.

The ones I assumed were NWE had a subtle green glow… not sharp like the NWR… I can’t be sure if it was just emanating from them, like an aura, or if I was just imagining things.

One of the Agents — it was odd — it almost seemed like the ornaments he was wearing had begun to affect him. Change the flesh beneath it. This was just a glimpse — I could be wrong and jumping to conclusions again.

Take this for what it’s worth. Did I see the NWE or not? What do you think?upargr6f5k3t3s5hsnzn


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