The Nine Faction Theory


This came across my radar a few days ago, and I felt it needed a wider audience — there are a lot of good observations here that I think merit a broader discussion within the Investigative community.

The original chart was created by @sturnusvulgaris aka Ryan Schoon — I made a few edits and rebuilt it myself, for a few reasons.

The first was technical (just increasing the resolution for readability, as well as adding @sturnusvulgaris’s credit).

The second was a bit more substantial — I replaced the concept of ‘Alien’ with ‘Outside Force,’ and I want to explain why I made this change: At one level, both these labels mean the same thing, but at another level, the word ‘Alien’ carries with it the baggage of an alternate species, an alternate life-form, little green men, what have you.

When dealing with the Shapers and the N’zeer, our evidence set is remarkably scarce. We see their effects — the ripples in the lake, so to speak, but we have never seen the rock that caused them. We do not even know if it was indeed a rock that hit the lake. I’ve heard myriad theories about what the Shapers and N’zeer could be, and they are wide indeed… ranging from a truly alternate intelligent life-form, to displacements in time or possibility, to the very fabric of the universe itself.

Some day in the future, it may be useful to have a community discussion about what we think the N’zeer and Shapers are, but that’s not for today — I just wanted to explain why I made the changes I made to this incredibly useful document.

@sturnusvulgaris: Great work with this chart — it’s important for all of us to remember that not all Resistance and Enlightened views are equal — many shades of grey exist, and we are all navigating these challenges together.

So, Investigators — where do you stand on this chart? What are your thoughts about looking at the collision of ideas this way? Where do some of the important figures in our Investigation, like Hank Johnson, Jahan and others stand?



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