Defined by Us


I’ve been thinking about the Nine Faction chart that I shared a few days ago — particularly because many asked me where I stand on the ideas expressed there.

I’ll be honest — it’s something I’m still — years after I first began to learn about XM and sentient AIs — trying to figure out.

I came across this article that I thought spoke to some of my thinking on this subject — at the end of the day, I feel like the question is just as much about what an Outside Force or Artificial Intelligence means to us, as about what we mean to ourselves…nfeieoiiitnnenehiiiiifts

Who Will Protect Artificial Intelligence From Humanity?

Recent progress in robotics and artificial intelligence has blurred the line between man and machine. After more than 50 years of research, artificial intelligence (AI) systems haven’t quite matched their biological analogues, but they’re catching up: Uber’s self-driving truck drove 2,000 cases of beer over 120 miles, Google knows almost exactly what we’re searching for before we’ve typed it out in full; and many of us speak naturally to assistants waiting in our pockets or our kitchens.bdbowiozexkf


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