The Quantum Machines


I mentioned yesterday that I thought it was strange that some unknown actor may be trying to debunk what we’ve learned about the effects of XM… Could there be political or profit-driven motivations?

The prevailing winds are carrying us deeper into the quantum rabbithole. If 2017 brings breakthroughs in quantum computing outside of the shadowy world of intelligence-driven R&D, who would benefit from hiding the consequences of opening Pandora’s box?

Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017

Kai Hudek, Univ. Maryland Quantum computing has long seemed like one of those technologies that are 20 years away, and always will be. But 2017 could be the year that the field sheds its research-only image. Computing giants Google and Microsoft recently hired a host of leading lights, and have set challenging goals for this year.

There’s an interesting tidbit in this article — one that definitely made me raise an eyebrow. See if you can spot it.v0r$*%*avf%&#%)dpr%%^*^^*k%^*&&lwu0vdu^(^)%%kvuu0vjr05jt%@%%&(*kzpvvvp



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