NL-1331 on the move again


Update from Hank. NL-1331 is on the move again… and that’s always interesting news. Check out its upcoming schedule here

Been deep in. Can’t say where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. I can tell you this. NL-1331. Remember all of the chatter on this a while back? It’s back on the road. Whenever it starts moving, things start happening. It got me remembering. First time we heard of it, it transported Jarvis’ corpse – if it was a corpse. Where is it going and why is it going there? Nothing’s an accident when it comes to 1331.

I can’t say exactly what Jahan’s mission for me was, but suffice to say that it also involves opening some old graves, so to speak. As an archeologist, I’m used to old graves, but usually the people in them are dead. This all gives me the creeps. But I see what she’s going for.

And just in passing, I was in one of the remotest parts of the world. Well, remotest parts of the world where you can still find a diner with a bulletin board. What did I see up there? It was a bio card from an Enlightened agent. I contacted him on comms. He was very helpful.

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