Bio Card Bounty Hunting


Was looking over Hank’s post from the other day — particularly that story about finding an Agent Bio Card on a diner bulletin board. Surprised me that this activity existed elsewhere in the world… I saw it taking place in a local New Wave group but I assumed it was an isolated thing. They called it ‘Bio Card Bounty Hunting.’

An Agent would take a picture of their Bio Card in front of a local landmark and the time limit they were going to be at that location and see how many ‘hits’ they got — Agents who saw their post and came out to meet them and exchange contact information or swap their own Bio Cards (there’s a website where you can get your own here).o6cln4tim93fjfc9af

The New Wave group I know that does this keeps an internal scoreboard for bragging rights and occasionally the tangible reward too. I assume they use this to build up their community, find new recruits for ops and missions and such, but when I asked one of the New Wavers about it, she claimed it was just about meeting new people and having a little flash meet-up. Who knows. Either way, it’s an interesting phenomenon. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a shot some day.5tn505rm10zovgr0mgmr0vsve

Hank’s on the button regarding his other topic, too… 1331 is rolling again, and when 1331 rolls, things start happening.

Here’s the upcoming NL-1331 schedule for your convenience. BOLO for information about dead drops, missions and more on the November Lima G+ page.

1-15-2017 Sunday Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

1-17-2017 Tuesday Albuquerque, NM

1-19-2017 Thursday Phoenix, AZ

1-20-2017 Friday Tucson, AZ

1-22-2017 Sunday San Diego, CA

1-24-2017 Tuesday Los Angeles, CA

1-28-2017 Saturday Jacksonvile, FL


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