The Conspiracy


Hank Johnson has a chance meeting with someone peddling an interesting conspiracy theory… Was it really a chance meeting?

Had an interesting chance (was it chance?) meeting. It was a person who claimed to be some kind of documentarian or news journalist, it wasn’t fully clear to me which. They recognized me and asked for a brief chat — seemed safe so I obliged. The person then went into a long and pretty detailed talk about Niantic Labs (the front org used to mask the Scanner’s origins). They claimed that Niantic Labs was secretly leaking or foreshadowing edge science, and suggested that they had some ulterior motive for starting to inject those issues into the collective consciousness.

It was odd because I honestly couldn’t tell if I was talking to a tin-hatter or a legitimate researcher. They didn’t come across as a paranoia conspiracist, for sure.

Either way, I’ll give this person part of a point. Exotic Matter was a pretty obscure word 5 years ago, and now the physics Nobel prize goes to a group of folks studying XM?pgifiosxrelostfVdwisitx

The world shifted. That, I recognize.

Have to cut this short. More later.pe341ozvs76oo75

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