The Answers – I


The answers to the questions sent to the NIA have started to come in — I’ll be looking forward to reading more of these…

I’ve transcribed this first set of answers below.

Thank you for the questions — they were forwarded to me earlier. I have assigned them to a team for detailed answers, some of them I’m able to answer myself, inline in blue below:

>I had no idea there were so many public statues in my local area. Why is there a high correlation with XM Portals?

One of the curious things about Exotic Matter Portals is that many of them seem to have been ‘marked’ with public art, buildings of cultural significance and even significant historical events. We have no official explanation for this.

While working at Niantic, Dr. Victor Kureze theorized that humans instinctively ‘felt’ the presence of Exotic Matter before it was officially discovered at CERN and marked these spots, both in this era and during the past.

Kureze’s theories predict that Exotic Matter is simultaneously present in several planes of existence and carries an Ordered Data Pattern which may originate in one of those alternate planes. This Ordered Data may be capable of ‘shaping’ human brains (both figuratively and literally), and may have caused the human behavior that resulted in the ‘marking’ of the Portals.

Dr.’s Kureze, Lightman and Schubert were seeing promising results to their inquiry when the Niantic Project was prematurely shut down. Should the Administration see fit to provide further funding, we can add this to a list of things we intend to research further.

> How and why were the tools and ‘weapons’ found in the scanner created? I’m asking both about the science and the motivation.

Excellent question. As we were primarily charged with protecting the security of the mission and not directly tasked to monitor the product of the scientific researchers, I can only give you my best answer to your question.

It is my understanding that while Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe has taken credit for ‘inventing’ the original set of XM objects (Resonator, XMP, Portal Shield, Power Cube etc.), he was in fact working based on plans ‘sculpted’ by Roland Jarvis. That is, Jarvis had created certain pieces of art while at Niantic which Lynton-Wolfe discovered could be replicated using Exotic Matter.

When Lynton-Wolfe modified the XM to take these sculptural forms, he found that XM Objects seemed to ‘engineer’ themselves. In a manner of speaking, they formed spontaneously as if their DNA was contained within the XM itself and had been suddenly activated or unlocked.

The question that remains unanswered is how Roland Jarvis discovered or received the plans for these sculptures…. it has been suggested that the ideas may have been implanted in him by the entity(s) known as the Shapers, or perhaps some other unknown intelligence.

It must be remembered that the dangers of XM experimentation were unknown until shortly before Dr. Lynton-Wolfe’s Power Cube experiment (which cause the event known as Epiphany Night and effectively ended The Niantic Project). If a deeper inquiry into XM is brought online again, it would be one of our initial goals to retain (or detain) Dr. Lynton-Wolfe and obtain a first-hand recounting of the chain of events that led to the emergence of the initial XM Objects.


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