The Answers – II


The next batch of answers to the questions sent to the NIA… A few interesting ideas emerged here that I had not heard before… Transcript below…

> What does the ‘Mind Unit’ Measurement represent?>

The term was originally coined at Niantic, either by Dr. Victor Kureze or Dr. Yuri Alaric Nagassa — it is unknown which. During the Niantic Project, the researchers observed that XM would flow between single Portals when they were Linked together, and further, that when three Portals were Linked together, XM would blanket the space triangulated by the Connected Links.^^^^^^^^~vvvvv~^^^^~vvvvvv~^^^^^^~^^~vvvv~vvv~^^^~^~v~>~>~vvv~^^^~^~>~^~>~^^

This alone was an interesting discovery, but the team also found that the XM in these triangulated zones contained a slightly variant Ordered Data Pattern compared to the XM found directly at Portals.

Why (or even if) this variance existed was the subject of some debate — a debate that was cut short when the Niantic Project was terminated. Kureze had suggested that the XM in Fields may exhibit some form of influence over the population it was exposed to — an observation that resulted in these triangulated regions being known as ‘XM Control Fields.’

The Mind Unit Measurement was created by A Detection Algorithm when it was asked to create a system that could standardize the effect of a single instance of an XM Control Field over a known human population. It is known that ADA used a very large data set (including population demographics, fMRI-based XM studies, LHC particle collider data and more) to determine the Mind Unit measure, but as with most machine-learning based outcomes, and in particular when ADA is involved, the actual process by which the AI arrived at this outcome is somewhat of a black box.977776aaac7f7a6f6f8996a9a9af776f

> Why do existing XM Links act as barriers and prevent other XM Links from crossing them?

This was tested experimentally during the Niantic Project era — the team there found that — as each XM Link contains a unique Ordered Data Pattern — crossing Links had the effect of causing the Ordered Data Patterns to interfere with one another. The resulting change in ‘signal to noise’ ratio within the XM caused both Links to destabilize spontaneously.

Further areas of study within this interaction remain untapped — should additional funding be made available this could serve as an interesting area to investigate.


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