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Hank completes the update he began yesterday… with news of Devra and his role in finding (or hiding) Lynton-Wolfe…

Finishing up my thoughts from yesterday…

I can categorically deny that I am harboring Dr. Lynton-Wolfe, or that I have any knowledge of his whereabouts. Many entities would very much like to locate him. I believe I have been followed by organizations who believe either that I know where he is, or that I will be able to find him.

Would that it were so.9yap376hhcn7rne

Of Devra, all I can report is that when I last saw her she was safe and Farlowe remained a present force in ensuring her safety. It was my impression that she was looking for a place to continue her research, perhaps under an assumed identity.

For the record, she believes that Tecthulhus are a potential method for contacting the Shapers, the N’zeer and possibly other such intelligences — but she is wary of the potential for misuse and disaster — as she feared would come from the Moyer Tecthulhu that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe had built. The search for ‘dialtone’ remains very much a part of her purpose… her vision of the world.281327473418191512373834474723473418191525

A suggestion made my an Essex researcher (I don’t recall which thread I saw it on) has been rattling around in my mind… It is the concept that the Tecthulhu created by Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (the Moyer Tecthulhu) is connected to ABADN (the facility beneath the former Niantic Project lab under CERN).

I had hoped never to return to that place and will not do so unless there is no other option ahead of me.

That is my update for now. I apologize for not being able to give out more specific information about my location or plans, but these are very complex times.

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