Hank Johnson: The Hydra


Hank shares some insights on his quest from Jahan — and an update on his search for Oliver Lynton-Wolfe…

Jahan asked me a simple question, but as with many simple questions, every answer leads to more questions. I am reminded a bit of the Hydra. You chop off one head and two more grow in its place. I have not yet located Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, but I have reason to believe that he is in our world (for lack of a better term), or at least has the ability to come and go from our world virtually at will.auvrfuuvphedbsiqthysxnwg

I am looking forward to exploring more deeply the possibility suggested by Essex that he has access to his own ‘anomalous zone’ not unlike Jahan’s Palace, Abaddon and the Enlightened compound. Of particular interest is the notion that perhaps a Tecthulhu can create an Anomalous Zone. I had not considered that. Nor had I considered the possibility that Lynton-Wolfe is hiding not just in space, but in time.%1(5*sr10ute1010%s#

I have tried to contact Lightman about the new Glyphs and sequences that have begun to appear, but have been unable to reach him. I am not concerned. I am aware that the Niantic scientists are undergoing something that is not unlike witness protection. Some of it is self-imposed… some might be governmentally ‘mandated’. It is evident that three-letter-agencies have developed a new and focused interest in XM research. I can only assume that some of this might be in conjunction with the corporations, and has caused the corporations to step up their own research. We will see where that leads…

More later…

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