NL-1331: Los Angeles


NL-1331 was in Los Angeles a few days ago — and the word on the street was that Agent KodamaSmiles was going to be there…

She’s been hiding below radar recently — and this sudden resurfacing was something to investigate further.

I did end up making it to the NL-1331 meet-up, but late — I was entangled in another matter most of that evening — almost everyone had left by the time I got there.

I missed @KodamaSmiles, but if anyone was able to learn why she suddenly came out of hiding, let me know — I’d be interested in the answer.p40r95vdd861377823392947a59x22

I did catch one Agent — I’ll leave them unnamed in case they wish to stay anonymous. They had set up a few cardboard boxes to collect old clothes, blankets and other goods to donate to the needy. A great idea — one that happens in Agent communities all over the world, but it was great to see it up close and in person.fdx13e72td

It would be inspiring if at every NL-1331 meetup, some Agent brought a donations bin to pool the community’s resources towards those who are in need.

There’s one more NL-1331 meetup in the near future. Go if you can… totally worth it.

1.28.17 — Jacksonvile, FL — GORUCK HQ


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