Unverified Document claims Global Shard Manifestation Event


This document began to spread across the grapevine earlier today. Multiple sources, including some known well-position Enlightened Agents and independent media groups have shared either part of it or the whole.

I am currently not in a position to confirm its veracity — but if the document is true, and in the interest of vigilance I suspect it might be wise to treat it as such — it seems a major Portal Network disturbance may be afoot.

We’ve seen Global Shard events multiple times in the past: 13MAGNUS, Helios, Recursion, Shonin, Persepolis and Abaddon. They differ from the more recent Flash Shard events in their scale and tempo. In the past, they have required colossal levels of cooperation, collaboration and strategizing to pull off some, frankly, incredible feats of Ingress that have united Agents worldwide.

If the document is true, or if you wish to prepare for the likelihood that it is, my recommendation is to begin organizing within your community and connecting to other communities around the world, as well as with the many Agents who have field experience with Global Shard events.tunqmonalafrlsbnstilevvrxpkfr

I am aware of a number of other rumors at this time — that an alternate version of this document exists with a different set of redactions — that some high level decoding groups have been able to ‘unredact’ certain portions of this document using sophisticated techniques well above my pay-grade — that various other pieces of data not visible in the above is out there and circulating at the highest levels of Faction secrecy — that large scale organizing is already beginning to take shape around the world…89755052556983676580695354876064

As of now, these are all rumors that, much like this document itself, I cannot confirm. I will update if I learn more.



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