NL-PRIME が名古屋へ (NL-PRIME expands into Nagoya)

NL-PRIME - それは、司アキラが開発に関わったWILLER TRAVEL の移動型研究施設である。これまでも複数の日本の都市でその姿が目撃されていたが、新しい目的地へ向かっているようだ。NL-PRIME — the mobile research lab created by Akira Tsukasa and being operated by Willer Travel at multiple locations around Japan — has expanded into new territory.

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The Formation of MAGNUSES

A source sent this my way earlier… It looks like the NIA are starting to uncover more of the mysteries behind how MAGNUSES form and function…

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Three of Thirteen: ENL claim the Humanist… Yuri Alaric Nagassa

As Phase 2 begins, the Enlightened take control of the last remaining Archetype from Phase 1 — the Humanist, Yuri Alaric Nagassa.

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#FateofThe13 Phase 2 Begins

Phase 2 of the global XM Shard event has begun. The second Phase of the global Shard event will last two weeks — and while the Enlightened currently hold the upper hand — much could change as Agents around the world set to work with these new challenges ahead…

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Archetype Survey Results

About a week ago, I began a survey here on Investigate: Ingress to find out which Archetypes the members of this Investigative community believe they represent. Here are the results…

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Collaborators and Victims

“Our official position regarding the massive cache of documents amassed by this online Investigation is that it consists almost entirely of disinformation and chaff released by the IC in order to obfuscate our actual intelligence assets. The off-the-record position is more complicated, and best not committed to pixel or paper.”

Words to live by, Jay Phillips… words to live by.

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Two of Thirteen: ENL claim the Skeptic… Martin Schubert

The Enlightened have claimed the Skeptic archetype — currently bound to Niantic researcher Martin Schubert.

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Between two Forces

A leaked National Security briefing document reveals a top-line look at the history of Magnuses according to the NIA…

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Compromised XM Briefing (Pt3) – The Past

The third fragment of this classified White House briefing about the history of XM has come to the surface. The briefer’s assessment is a stark reminder: To understand the present and plan for the future, one must look to the past.

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One of Thirteen: ENL claim first victory in Global Shard Event

The Enlightened have managed to take control of 4 of the 7 Shards associated with the Spiritualist Archetype, currently bound to Stein Lightman.

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