The 13 Archetypes



This has been a topic I have been curious in… I’m glad to see the list of Archetypes emerge, but unfortunately the document was partially redacted…

Some of the connections seem fairly obvious — I have my own guesses as to which Researchers connect to which Archetypes (I may be wrong for some).

What do you think? If we are able to recover this information from a future leak, I’ll reward the Investigators who were able to figure this out in a private message.

Speaking of private conversations, earlier today I was asked to deliver confidential messages to a few well connected Ingress Agents.

I did not see the content of the messages I passed forward, nor was I able to confirm their source. They were sent to me anonymously, and I acted only as middle-man. I can confirm that the messages were received by these Agents. I report this only in the interest of transparency to the Investigation.


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