One of Thirteen: ENL claim first victory in Global Shard Event



Correction: This article previously indicated that Lightman represented the Interpreter Archetype — that was an assumption on my part that I now consider inaccurate. Based on discussion in the comments section I am revising my assessment — I agree it is more likely that Stein Lightman represents the Spiritualist Archetype.

The Enlightened have managed to take control of 4 of the 7 Shards associated with the Spiritualist Archetype, currently bound to Stein Lightman.

Stein Lightman, a self-ascribed ‘Quantum Theologian’ was initially recruited for the Niantic Project to provide opinions that combined scientific research, history and religious/spiritual philosophy.

Among his major achievements, he released a document called ‘The Lightman Decipherments‘ — the first known English to Shaper Glyph dictionary system*. Following this, Lightman remained at the forefront of Glyph translation and discoveries until the events of Shōnin, Persepolis and Abaddon (the fragmentation and first recursion of the original Niantic Researchers).

Lightman is considered one of the ‘Three Wise Men’ along with Martin Schubert and Yuri Alaric Nagassa.

Since the Recursion event, however, Lightman has been largely absent.

It remains to be seen if the Enlightened will choose to free the Spiritualist Archetype in the Niantic MAGNUS in order to allow a new member in — one who may bring new ideas and discoveries — or retain the wisdom and knowledge that Stein Lightman represents.

The time for that decision is not now, but it’s clear that the Enlightened hold Lightman’s future in their hands.


* Carrie Campbell’s journals preceded this, but she approached the task of exploring Shaper Glyphs from a more artistic POV, vs. Lightman’s direct approach.

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