Between two Forces


A leaked National Security briefing document reveals a top-line look at the history of Magnuses according to the NIA…

Here’s a transcript:

TO: White House NS Staff, Shaw Henson
FROM: Jay Phillips
RE: Global XM Event: Magnuses

Mr. Henson asked me to send this data over to answer your questions regarding the nature of Magnuses. More is coming.

All the way back to 13MAGNUS (A global-scale Anomalous Event that culminated at Cupid’s Span in December of 2013) we’ve known that there have been, for lack of a better term, secret societies throughout history called ‘Magnuses.’ Some individuals (Ezekiel Calvin, in particular) of course had deeper wells of knowledge during this time period.kea54vrniagnbe354by

Historically, a Magnus that has aligned with and served the purposes of the Enlightened has been referred to as a 13MAGNUS and one that has worked to further the Resistance cause has been known as an ANTI-MAGNUS. In truth, the words Resistance and Enlightened are relatively new when taken in the context of Magnuses. The ideologies, however, are ancient.

We have known that these societies are not necessarily a direct continuation of each other. They seem to form and end spontaneously. The trigger process, if any, is not fully understood.

We have not known the true purposes of Magnuses other than a vague theory that they act in the interests of Exogenous Entities (Shapers and N’zeer are the known Exogenous Entities).

The Exogenous Entities are groups/forces from other dimensions that have limited access to our world and tend to manifest cryptically through XM, Glyphs and various other mediums. The Exogenous forces appear to be at odds with each other, and appear to be ‘shaping’ the progression of humanity to further their own goals in this conflict.

The Niantic Project, initiated by Dr. Ezekiel Calvin was the first known person to attempt to assemble a synthetic Magnus… meaning that he consciously attempted to create a Magnus with the Niantic Project.

It has been hypothesized that perhaps the Vesuvian Magnus as described by the chronicler Obsidius was also a synthetic Magnus.6ppx7oee4lrkwis5qse9

In answer to your your unasked question, we believe that others are currently trying to form Synthetic Magnuses. This is a high priority concern, and we have significant resources dedicated to this potential threat.

I realize this is incomplete. Be assured that our team is on it. This is a rapidly evolving field of study. I understand the urgency regarding the issue of the nature and powers of Tecthulhus. The team is nearly fully assembled and research proceeds.

Jay Phillips
Acting Director, NIA


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