Two of Thirteen: ENL claim the Skeptic… Martin Schubert


The Enlightened have claimed the Skeptic archetype — currently bound to Niantic researcher Martin Schubert.

Martin Schubert was brought into the Niantic Project to serve the role of a skeptic… a counterbalance to many of the project members who were willing to embrace wholeheartedly the research that lay at the fringes of science. It was thought that his cynical attitude would bring rigor and respect to the process.

Schubert was, however, deeply influenced by the events of Epiphany Night, and despite joining the Niantic team as a skeptic, he became a believer, assisting Hank Johnson in his studies of ancient XM and serving an important role as part of the ‘Three Wise Men’ along with Stein Lightman and Yuri Alaric Nagassa.

Of the three archetypes that have emerged into the Portal Network thus far, only one remains: Dr. Nagassa.

It remains to be seen whether the Enlightened will choose to retain Schubert in the MAGNUS that is formed at the end of this massive global XM event.

Five additional Archetypes — 35 Shards — will emerge in the Portal Network this weekend. In addition, the number of Targets per Faction will reduce from 13 to 10 — existing Targets will destabilize and new Targets will manifest.


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