#FateofThe13 Phase 2 Begins


Phase 2 of the global XM Shard event has begun.

Earlier today, thirty-five additional Shards manifested in the Portal Network. In addition, the existing Target Portals destabilized and were replaced by ten new Targets for each Faction — they are spread around the world, from Pasadena to Tokyo…

My sources inform me that the five new sets of Shards represent Carrie Campbell (The Interpreter), Enoch Dalby (The Listener), Victor Kureze (The Visionary), Misty Hannah (The Trickster) and Ezekiel Calvin (The Patron). Each set is comprised of seven Shards.

So far, the Enlightened have claimed two Archetypes: Stein Lightman (The Spiritualist) and Martin Schubert (The Skeptic).rfdugsffthvcebilqsthcxhyte

One Archetype remains as of yet unclaimed from the first Phase of this global battle: Yuri Alaric Nagassa (The Humanist).

The second Phase of the global Shard event will last two weeks — and while the Enlightened currently hold the upper hand — much could change as Agents around the world set to work with these new challenges ahead…

Good luck…




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