#FATEOFTHE13 — Where things stand – March 1 2017



As we approach the midpoint of #FateOfThe13 Phase 2, the Enlightened hold control of 7 of the 35 Phase 2 Shards while the Resistance control 3, but things aren’t as simple as they seem… The scoreboard shows the Resistance currently in control of a number of uncaptured Shards, and the lay of the land could change dramatically in the coming days.21071211172117071721121117201211172018062107172021071721210717121721210721071707170717121707172121071211170717121720172017202107172011202107112017211707

As of now, none of the Archetypes that emerged with Phase 2 have been determined, and Phase 3 — consisting of the final 35 Shards and the last 5 Archetypes — is only around 10 days out. The Phase 2 Targets will reverse their alignment in approximately 2 days. For more exact details, see this compromised NIA document.56227777337777444328266444897777332288


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