Hank Johnson in Christchurch, NZ


This just in, looks like Hank is going to be in Christchurch, NZ as part of a Nomad-related research trip — apparently he’s looking into some of the local Maori lore…

He’ll be at an Agent-organized meetup at Dux Central on March 14th. Check out the details below and find the Event with additional details page here.hw133aetlokm56rsm

Hey there Agents.

I’ll be in Christchurch, New Zealand doing some research for Nomad (will be looking into local Maori legends among other things).

Come join me at Dux Central and we’ll hang out for a while and share stories.

I may need some help from you as well… keep an eye out for one or more Missions near Dux Central in the hours leading up the meet up — I may have some intel to share if things go according to plans.

And my gratitude to the Agents on the ground in NZ (M., G., C. and F.) who are helping organize this event — couldn’t do it without you folks…

Hank Johnson via Google+7n5cwha4vhac5n6c


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