Six of Thirteen: ENL claim three more Archetypes


It’s been a busy few days for our Enlightened friends.

In a series of rapid operations, the Enlightened have gained control of three additional Archetypes: The Visionary, currently bound to Victor Kureze — The Interpreter, currently bound to Carrie Campbell — and the Listener, currently bound to enoch dalby.

It is now looking likely that the MAGNUS that will be determined in the coming weeks will lean towards the Enlightened. It may even be possible that the Enlightened are able to form a true 13MAGNUS — entirely composed of Enlightened leaning individuals… time will tell.

Victor Kureze was one of the first recruits to the Niantic Project — a well-read and respected quantum physicist with a strong theoretical background. While Lynton-Wolfe takes much of the acclaim for the technology that emerged from Niantic (like the Ingress Scanner), in truth, everything that we know about XM today rests on Kureze’s shoulders.5d0p7o9g1f4t9u9t9o9x4w9n2b6n7k4o2n3c1e7w

It was Kureze who initially determined that XM on Earth was emerging via transdimensional micro-wormholes (what later came to be known as Portals), that Portals were all around the world, and that this XM was a signal carrier for an ordered data-pattern — something he initially referred to as ‘the Shaper Mind Virus.’ The word ‘Shaper,’ in fact exists in part because of Kureze’s realizations that the Ordered Data Pattern had a shaping effect on the human brain.

Carrie Campbell and enoch dalby — artists bound together at the very spiritual level — joined Niantic as a team. Carrie was a semiotician with an interest in ‘universal communication systems,’ and dalby was a musician interested in information’s ability to exist in and transmit via all manner of sounds and rhythms.

They were ideal candidates for the Niantic Project.//\\><\\///><\\\\\><\\/\

While Carrie is most widely known for her ‘Voynich’ journal, which began to reveal the Shaper Glyph language to us, it was in fact dalby who helped her reach those epiphanies.

dalby began producing music while under the influence of XM and Carrie — who shared a creative synergy with him — ‘translated’ his music into symbols and images — the Shaper Glyphs.

It was a remarkable case study in how these two Archetypes function — Listening — hearing something that no one else can — and Interpreting — seeing data in something that others cannot perceive and converting into a form that allows others to experience it…

You can find enoch’s music here and Carrie’s ‘Voynich’ manuscript pages here, here, here and here.


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