Niantic Investigator, Flint Dille @ Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles, Mar. 11


A number of interesting individuals are surfacing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on March 11 — including Flint Dille (an Investigator with a deep well of knowledge and many interesting connections to the world of Ingress) and Livio Ramondelli (a comic artist who I have been told has worked with Tycho in the past).

In addition to lurking around a number of Investigation channels like Operation Essex, Flint Dille was reportedly involved in some of the research that led to Tycho’s Ingress: Origins — and has been publicly seen with Hank Johnson, Misty Hannah, Klue, Devra Bogdanovich and a number of other prominent individuals in the world of Ingress over the last few years.

Livio Ramondelli is a comic industry veteran, and has allegedly worked with Tycho on a number of projects before. In fact, during the early Niantic era, Livio was in frequent contact with me as I worked to uncover Tycho’s true history as a ghost artist in the industry.h2q6c2fogugsckapno

I’ve been told that the comics they will be signing there may have featured Tycho for some of the artwork. I’m also hearing rumors that Flint and Livio may have a few original Tycho prints to sign and share with Agents.

A mission nearby during the signing may reveal information relevant to our ongoing Investigations… I’ll share more details when I learn more.l2m8tfo7s8t83w9e6t

More details can be found here.


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