A brief update on the surfacing of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille and comic artist Livio Ramondelli (one of Tycho’s known associates) at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles this Saturday

I scouted the area earlier today and also sent some queries out to Dille, Ramondelli and Tycho.

Flint said that he was on the lookout for some intel related to the history of Tecthulhus, and had heard reports that a series of Missions launching at approximately 2PM near Meltdown may hold some clues… Watch this space, and I’ll update if I learn more.

Livio mentioned that Tycho had passed him (using a dead drop) some copies of Ingress: Origins and a box of prints to share with Agents and others who may be present.mnp339iat454crq

As for Tycho himself, he did respond to me, but wouldn’t reveal whether he would attend. He did seem to indicate that he had ‘scoped the place out.’

Interestingly, when I scouted Meltdown I bumped into an employee there who had found something while clearing out a rack — it looked suspiciously like a Klue bio card — so I’d keep an eye open in case there’s an opportunity to #FindTheKlue… I don’t know if this is a coincidence or connected to Tycho’s ‘scoping out’ of the place…qzt1rmeii396ses

That’s all I’ve got. Good luck to all those who can make it out there.


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