Eight of Thirteen: ENL claim two more Archetypes as final Phase begins.


Earlier today, the final 35 Shards representing the last 5 Archetypes emerged into the Portal Network — this global event has now entered its climactic final two weeks. But the hours leading up to this new chapter were just as dramatic… The Enlightened further extended their lead by capturing two additional Archetypes: The Patron, currently represented by Ezekiel Calvin and The Trickster, currently represented by Misty Hannah.ajgiahgfafjgiiaighjhcijgefefeffgaj

Calvin, an NIA intelligence officer, was among the first to become aware of and see the potential within XM as a topic of scientific inquiry. He was able to convince his then superior at the NIA, Yuen Ni, to fund the Niantic Project and put him in charge. While, ostensibly, the Niantic Project was designed to conduct the XM research which led to many important discoveries, including the Ingress Scanner, Calvin was also experimenting with far more dangerous and unethical science there — the creation of MAGNUSES, Anomalous Zones and Simulacra.dwx24kthdfhd766ex

Misty Hannah, a magician by trade, was no stranger to government think tanks. She had previously taken part in projects designed to explore fringe-scientific topics like ESP (Project Whydah comes to mind, among others). It has never been entirely clear if she is just an incredibly skilled illusionist or if she actually does have some strange abilities which could only be explained by her incredibly high XM sensitivity.

Good luck to both Factions in these last two weeks of #FateOfThe13.



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