Tecthulhus Across Time


This intel was recovered by Agents on the ground at ‘Transgress,’ the rare public appearance of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille this past weekend…

It reveals a fascinating glimpse into what some of the leading minds in the World of Ingress are thinking about Tecthulhus in light of the news about MAGNUS: REAWAKENS.


JOHNSON: As I said, I believe there are numerous different forms of Tecthulhus. I have a strong suspicion that Archimedes built one in Syracuse at around the time Hannibal was rampaging through Italy.

SCHUBERT: Are you suggesting a Tecthulhu enabled him to become the powerful thinker he was?

JOHNSON: Can’t say, but there’s some speculation that the Vesuvian MAGNUS received the plans for theirs after Archimedes’ murder or slaughter. All of the features we would look for involving each of the senses were described obliquely in texts I have seen in my travels.

NAGASSA: There is every reason to believe that the ancient Anazktek had constructed a Tecthulhu in the Valley of the Dead. Pictographs I’ve seen showed what appeared to be a diagram of a stylized face with niches for each of the senses, and of course, the third eye. It’s clear to me the Anomalous Zone there once held a Tecthulhu.

CAMPBELL: It seems extremely likely that Leonardo DaVinci had drawn something quite like a Tecthulhu in one of his manuscripts. All we have are sketches, but it would make all of the sense in the world that there was a MAGNUS in Florence during the Renaissance.

NAGASSA: Are you saying the Renaissance may have been caused by a Tecthulhu?

JOHNSON: It’s not out of the question… we know they seem to be triggers for large scale change… current events are proof enough of that.

DALBY: Is it possible that a concerto is modeled after the base structure of a Tecthulhu? Certainly, the harmony seems to be reaching to summon sight, sound and the unnamed sense. Far fetched, but something to consider.

HANNAH: Hellfire Club. None of the official accounts debunking them have actually made any sense to me. Franklin was involved. And he was an inventor. Possibly Jefferson, too, though I see no obvious connection other than it seems possible that there was a MAGNUS among the founding fathers.

LIGHTMAN: While we’re just probing theories, it would be wise to study the alchemy of Nicholas Flamel. It could be argued that some of the ancient illusions might well have involved Tecthulhus.

JOHNSON: And as long as we’re in the realm of wild speculation, look at the Diodati MAGNUS. Consider, for a moment, that Frankenstein was a metaphor, or a coded instruction book for the construction of a Tecthulhu.

SCHUBERT: Are we going to see MAGNUSES and Tecthulhus everywhere now?

CALVIN: Admit that you see the possibility, Martin.

SCHUBERT: Some connections seem more plausible than others.

BOGDANOVICH: It is dangerous to assume that Tecthulhus only did positive things. Look in dark places and I suspect you could find other ones. We must be very, very careful with this line of inquiry.

NAGASSA: It could be possible Tecthulhus could have been unwittingly constructed by people who thought they were pursuing other lines of inquiry. Never underestimate the cleverness of the Exogenous.

JOHNSON: If we stop for just a moment, and consider that we might be on to something — if all these major historical events and movements have involved MAGNUSES and a Tecthulhu, then Lynton-Wolfe’s warning…

BOGDANOVICH: “Where there was one, there will be many.”

HANNAH: Yeah… it sort of takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it.


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