Glyph Music


Image Courtesy of Agent jaicat

This is a deep rabbithole — it’s one I’ve fallen down before (if I remember correctly, this Agent was featured in an Ingress Report some time ago) but it goes much, much further down now.

Agent jaicat, a composer and Sensitive based in Japan has been exploring possible ways of translating Glyphs into Music. His recently launched website explores the musicality within the Glyph language, including both a number of compositions from his live performances at the Contemporary Computer Music Concert series as well as musical explorations of individual Glyphs and Glyph Sequences.r-lbhoezjrevtve-lowty5oe9s

It’s fascinating stuff… He could make for an interesting choice for the Listener Archetype if the Enlightened decide to replace enoch dalby in the next MAGNUS.noc <w<w<w 848yx


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