Prime Intel


NL-PRIME, Akira Tsukasa’s recruiting vehicle which utilizes high-intensity XM exposure in order to identify Sensitives, recently began probing new terrain in Nagoya, Japan.

Previously, we had uncovered some intel related to a possible cover-up surrounding this project — it seems the vehicle had been undertaking missions not related to Sensitive Recruitment at night, exploring vast terrain accompanied by drones — acting as some kind of Mobile Command Center. The reporter who was digging into this disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Now, it appears fresh intel about this project has surfaced. The document above is the only one I’ve been able to get a hold of — but I’ve been told there are more.

We’ll need the help of our Investigators in Japan to help translate this document and make sense of it — and if any of you happen to have uncovered any additional intel — let us know in the comments.



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