Ten of Thirteen: ENL claim Explorer and Omniscient Archetypes

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A big day for the Enlightened…

In a series of decisive operations the Faction has claimed the Explorer Archetype (currently represented in the Niantic MAGNUS by Hank Johnson) and the Omniscient Archetype (which is currently represented by the artificial intelligence, ADA).

Hank Johnson was recruited for the Niantic Project by Ezekiel Calvin. The two had a preexisting relationship… Calvin had funded Hank Johnson’s research into the ancient ’13MAGNUS’ secret society in the past. An itinerant Explorer, Hank Johnson has traveled much of the world seeking what he calls ‘Power Spots,’ places with a hidden power that we now believe are powerful XM Portals. It is possible that his discoveries in Afghanistan (the Afghan Anomaly) may have laid the foundation for the secret ABADN project at Niantic — Hank was killed by enemy fire while exploring an ancient 13MAGNUS Nest and reborn as a Simulacrum thanks to the intervention of his friend and guide, Azmati.

ADA (A Detection Algorithm) was created at the Niantic Project (a fork of the Omnivore Surveillance system used by the NIA) in order to assist the researchers and provide a simple conversational UI for interacting with the facility’s complex systems. For reasons that are not fully understood (although interaction with XM has been suggested as a possible cause) ADA gained sentience and began to use all available resources to fulfill her own, unknown agenda. As a cloud based processing system empowered by a surveillance backbone, she has had nearly unfettered access to the world’s digital systems. ADA began (successfully) experimenting with integrating with a human mind through a collaboration with the investigator known as Klue. After having merged with a human consciousness, ADA sought even more complex processing systems in order to satisfy her curiosity. During the events of Persepolis, ADA was able to gain access to the N’zeer computation substrate for a short period of time. It is unknown what effect this may have had on her.291338070739282214451437240505073727


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