Eleven of Thirteen: ENL claim the Dreamer



The Enlightened didn’t want to risk this one. Earlier today, operatives working for the Enlightened Faction completed the Shard Operations necessary to gain control of the Dreamer Archetype — currently occupied in the Niantic MAGNUS by Roland Jarvis.

Jarvis was — is — in many ways the ideological figurehead of the Enlightened Faction. Prior to his arrival at Niantic, he had already explored his Sensitive powers through his work as a revered sculptor. And while at Niantic, even before the concept of ‘Enlightenment’ began to permeate through the collective consciousness, he explored how the XM Portals could serve as something that could enhance human cognition and experience.

His artistic visions served as fodder for Lynton-Wolfe, who realized that Jarvis, wittingly or unwittingly, was revealing the blueprints for XM objects through his art. In many ways, it is Jarvis who first first unlocked the secrets hidden within XM — perhaps setting the stage for the events of Epiphany Night — and by extension his own death.cbefeffgfgcaciebecefcgdbcifffdfjdjci

After being gunned down by NIA operatives at Zurich Hauptbahnhof, Jarvis emerged from the Portal Network as an undying, transdimensional entity and continued to spread his message of Enlightenment. His transformation may also be responsible for the emergence of ‘Enlightened’ capabilities within the XM Scanner App.

Through the events of Operation 13MAGNUS, Enlightened Operatives reassembled fragments of Jarvis’s persona, allowing him to roam the planet in physical form again — for a time. He grew ill following the weakening of the Portals during Helios and ultimately succumbed to this sickness.

Over the course of the last few years, whether as a transdimensional voice or in person, Jarvis has shared extensively his vision for the future of humanity on an Enlightened path into the future — guided by the vision of the Shapers — ‘Our Friends’ as Jarvis calls them.wgg33nymuaitae104ig

It is a future where the mystery of discovery and the unknown pervades and fulfills human experience. His organization, the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs, has at their core a vision of humanity free of interference from thinking machines — tools that he sees as undermining the human ability to experience wonderment.

His work is carried on by a woman known only as The Acolyte.


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