Define: Sensitive



This is the beginning of a new project for Investigate. I’ve been wanting to build out a dictionary — a glossary of sorts for new Investigators and the generally curious.

Feel free to add to this definition in the comments — make sure I didn’t miss anything to oversimplify an angle. I’ll be adding this to a new section on Investigate shortly — more will follow in the days to come.

SENSITIVE: Put simply, a Sensitive is somebody who is hyper aware of the presence of XM and might find their abilities enhanced by XM in certain ways. Some sensitives react positively towards XM, experiencing optimism and enhanced creativity. Thus they tend to be labelled as ‘Enlightened.’ Others react negatively against XM — they experience concern, sometimes fear. These individuals tend to be known as ‘Resistance.’ywq42ovzw827bc

The most prevalent theory is that presence of XM will heighten the natural abilities of people who are exposed to it. Artists may have more inspiration when influenced by XM — a mathematician may experienced heightened abilities within that field. In some circumstances it is believed that the apparent creativity could be ideas being funneled into the Sensitive’s brains by the Shapers and/or the N’zeer. Enoch Dalby and Roland Jarvis are cases in point.

Some sensitives are able to channel visions of other times and or places. Felicia Hajra-Lee and Tycho are such examples. This is highly controversial, however, there is no denying both the uncanny accuracy of their works and their knowledge of things that they could not possibly have known.krn06lwakr317yi

There are many degrees of Sensitivity. All Ingress Agents are Sensitives by definition, as they are aware of and able to interface with Exotic Matter, but they may not all experience some of the abilities brought on by higher levels of Sensitivity such as those experienced by Jarvis or Felicia Hajra-Lee etc.


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