Twelve of Thirteen: ENL control The Catalyst


The Enlightened have gained control of their twelfth Archetype: The Catalyst, currently occupied in the Niantic MAGNUS by Devra Bogdanovich. With a single Archetype and less than 20 individual Shards held in the balance and just over a day remaining, — it’s going to be an interesting sprint to the end of this massive Global Event that has gripped the world of Ingress for the last six weeks.

Dialtone. This seems to have been the driving force behind much of Devra Bogdanovich’s career and life. She spent her early academic days working at the Arecibo Observatory as part of the SETI program — coincidentally (or perhaps not) it was there that she first met Hank Johnson. The two have maintained a strong friendship since then, despite their sharply opposing views to Exotic Matter.

Devra was recruited from her teaching job to helm the Niantic Project by Calvin. She proved capable, but conservative — wary of Exotic Matter’s unknown potential and power… her caution stood directly opposed to Lynton-Wolfe’s reckless desire to unlock every secret XM contained. The result was conflagration. Epiphany Night.

In the wake of this massive XM event, she escaped with the assistance of ADA and went on a journey that led her to Visur, where, desperate to continue her research about the potential dangers of XM, she made a deal with the devil and took charge of their then fledgling XM research department.

The relationship didn’t last, and Devra ultimately ended up at the CDC where she began work on a mechanism for immunizing the human brain against the effects of XM. The project failed, but not before Devra unleashed one of its early prototypes: a virus that weakened the Portals all across the planet. The weakened Portals ultimately revealed a secret that they had been hiding for centuries, perhaps millennia: The Helios Artifacts — a beacon that allowed the N’zeer to regain contact with humanity.

These are actions Devra would come to regret. She helped Agents destroy Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s Tecthulhu device during the events of Via Noir, fearing that he would once again unleash a calamity similar to Epiphany Night. Perhaps, to her, that was some form of recompense.

On a personal note, I have to add that I admire Bogdanovich. She’s driven. Imperfect but idealistic. Her mistakes have, in some ways, been as momentous as her successes. And somehow, wherever she goes, things seem to happen, as if unfolded by her very presence. It isn’t surprising to me that she is The Catalyst.


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