One of Thirteen: #FateOfThe13 reaches its end.


#FateOfThe13 has come to an end. It’s been an incredible ride, and I am in awe, once again, of the power that Ingress Agents wield when they work together.

The Shards traveled almost 650,000km — nearly the distance from here to the Moon and back — touching thousands of Portals and reaching Agents in every corner of the globe over the course of their 6 week journey.

From the hard slogs defending the Targets, to the wild adventures claiming hard to reach unicorn Portals, to the intensive clearing of blockers through dense urban jungles, to the epic, thousand-kilometer Link-throws across land and ocean, to the massive organizational communication and Key-exchange networks and intensely meticulous Operating — each Action you all contributed to this moment in history has my admiration.

The Enlightened stood tall from beginning to end. They controlled all the Archetypes but one.

The fracturing of the MAGNUS may have been caused — in part — by Lynton-Wolfe’s work with the Tecthulhu. That he would occupy the one Archetype — the Alchemist — which would be spared the effects of his actions is perhaps a little ironic.e5r48iadelckg5a3

Lynton-Wolfe has a history of causing… well… big splashes — Epiphany Night and the attack against Jarvis that led to Operation #13MAGNUS are prime examples. It seems he can add #FateOfThe13 to that résumé now.

At Niantic, he leveraged Jarvis’ art in order to discover and unlock the first XM Objects like the Resonator, the XMP and the Power Cube, and some say the Ingress Scanner bears his fingerprints as well. For better or worse, he is probably one of the most talented XM scientists and engineers alive today — a man with boundless potential matched only by his own hunger and greed to learn more, do more and achieve more — with no regard for cost or consequence.zca56mavvi553ct

To the Enlightened: My congratulations. As a global strategic force, you were incredible to watch. To the Resistance: You have my respect — through it all you fought resiliently and made the ENL work for every inch.

Agents: Thank you for all that you brought to the table. As a witness to this event, I have to say — this was one for the history books.


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