MAGNUS: REAWAKENS — Proposals Begin to Emerge


Some teams of Agents have begun to make their ‘Portal Luminance Project’ proposals public… Their visions for what they will accomplish with the Tecthulhu modules is… nothing short of staggering.

So far I’ve only been able to uncover these three projects via links posted publicly, but if you are part of a team and want to share your proposal, feel free to add it in the comments..⬢.⬢|▲▲▲△▲▲■.||▲

Virid Cascadia

Order of the Illuminated Shards

The Luminescent Heart

I highly encourage visiting these links and exploring some of these incredible, creative visions.

All I’ve got to say so far is: Wow. I’m planning on being there, and I can’t wait to see some of these pieces up close and in person.rbcbbbbzbxbbbbccrccojpqr9qrorycc6ccp2pqpopcpffffvrcc0pqjpqr0jrcc6ccbolrcpfpffffcn


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