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Ten of Thirteen: ENL claim Explorer and Omniscient Archetypes

A big day for the Enlightened… In a series of decisive operations the Faction has claimed the Explorer Archetype (currently represented in the Niantic MAGNUS by Hank Johnson) and the Omniscient Archetype (which is currently represented by the artificial intelligence, ADA).

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Compromised Briefing (Pt4) - Infiltration

Compromised Briefing (Pt4) – Infiltration

Part 4 of a classified White House briefing about the history of XM. The first 3 fragments are linked via this post…

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To Fear or Not to Fear?

This man is a major figure when it comes to the topic of our shared future with the evolving (and to be fair, not fully understood) machine systems of our own creation… Definitely someone I keep track of. At the SXSW conference last week, Ray Kurzweil shared his predicted timeline for our ultimate unification with machine-based intelligence. What do you think… far fetched or eerily plausible?

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Pursue Creativity. Discover Mystery. Outside Together.

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Glyph Music

This is a deep rabbithole… Agent jaicat, a composer and Sensitive based in Japan has been exploring possible ways of translating Glyphs into Music.

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Prime Intel

Fresh intel about NL-PRIME, Akira Tsukasa’s recruiting vehicle which utilizes high-intensity XM exposure in order to identify Sensitives, has come to the surface. This document is the only one I’ve been able to get a hold of — but I’ve been told there are more.

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Ancient Wisdom

Yesterday, Hank Johnson met up with a large group of Agents in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was fairly tightlipped to me about what he was researching there — what I do know is that intel above was recovered by Agents on the ground there via a Mission.

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Tecthulhus Across Time

This intel was recovered by Agents on the ground at ‘Transgress,’ the rare public appearance of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille this past weekend… It reveals a fascinating glimpse into what some of the leading minds in the World of Ingress are thinking about Tecthulhus in light of the news about MAGNUS: REAWAKENS.

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Origins: Online

Tycho’s revelatory glimpse into the beginnings of the Niantic Project, Ingress: Origins, is now available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. For a limited time it is available at a discounted price — so now’s a great chance for Agents to learn more about the secrets and intrigues that lie at the heart of the World of Ingress.

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Live at Transgress

Things are heating up down at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, where a number of interesting individuals, including Niantic Investigator Flint Dille have just appeared.

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