Hank Johnson: Lynton-Wolfe’s Chamber, and the future of the MAGNUS


Hank Johnson shares some of his recollections investigating a subterranean chamber where Lynton-Wolfe may have worked… and also poses an interesting question: Now that the Enlightened control the fate of the MAGNUS, what are they thinking? I invite any Enlightened who wishes to make their opinion public to make a short video explaining how they would wish to structure the future MAGNUS so that we can begin to learn what they have in mind.

Resistance Agents could also make their pitches — but I doubt they would have much impact beyond simply to provide an opinion for others to consider.

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Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was not present when I visited the Die Glocke facility where I thought his Tecthulhu had been constructed. It was guarded by unknown but curiously subterranean forces. They laid in wait, and I expected — if not violence, then certainly a tense standoff. However, they (perhaps on orders from their superiors?) decided to let me conduct my investigation unmolested.4738773555848484056568386505758678

I do not know who they are or who they serve, though there is ample room for speculation on this topic. They felt like tribesmen… Uncontacted, but very aware and capable of using technology. Perhaps they were well camouflaged mercenaries, perhaps they were some strange human or cultural artifact of previous occupations of this chamber, perhaps they were humans mutated and infused with the Exogenous, or possibly, they were spectral figures of my imagination. It’s possible. This was no ordinary place. I had no direct contact with them. I felt their presence and believe I saw them out of the corner of my eye.

The facility itself stands empty save for a gigantic bell-shaped artifact which pre-dates Lynton-Wolfe and is quite possibly the result of experiments during and after the Second World War. In any case, there was no physical trace of what has been called the Moyer Tecthulhu. I have not used the word ‘physical’ by accident. There were non-physical traces. I felt a presence in the Die Glocke facility that I have also felt in other Anomalous Zones and have come to believe that the construction of a Tecthulhu may be a precursor to the emergence of an Anomalous Zone. I can not prove this, but for the record, I believe it. I have ignored such instincts before and lived to regret it.zv7du66s36cp

And, for what it is worth, I felt a familiar ‘human’ presence there. I don’t know whether it was Lynton-Wolfe, Klue, Susanna Moyer or a combination of them, but I believe it was one or more of that… trinity. Once again this was a non-rational, non-provable observation in strange place, but it’s an observation nonetheless.

As has been leaked by unknown sources in documents, I have spoken in person and through various chat channels to a number of members of the original Niantic Project. The leaks surrounding this have caused me to define ‘Johnson’s Law’. Simply stated, it is that ‘the more secret a document appears to be, the more likely it is to be leaked and widely disseminated.’ I have contemplated making these reports appear to be much more clandestine than they, in fact, are, to expand the scope of my communication.

Some things have become clear. I believe we formed a MAGNUS, but as we were not all of Enlightened or Resistance alignment, it was not what I will call a Pure MAGNUS. It was a hybrid MAGNUS and I can only speculate on the meaning of that. However, all of the characteristics of the MAGNUS were present. We were gathered in the same place and time, we filled all of the Archetypical requirements. We carried out research and built Exogenous objects and we were all exposed to extreme amounts of XM. In fact, it might well be that we created a Tecthulhu and it is almost beyond doubt that Abaddon, located physically below the Niantic Facility but also maintaining an identity outside of time and space, was already a Tecthulhu.

That MAGNUS is now at an end. I do not know what will follow. I do not know who will remain.

The Enlightened control much of what lies ahead — I wonder what they are thinking…

My next journey was to the NIA Headquarters outside of Washington D.C.

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