Hank Johnson: NIA HQ


Hank visits NIA HQ and meets with someone who looms large in the history of XM…

Arriving at the NIA HEADQUARTERS, I found it greatly changed since I was last there — although I must admit those memories are unclear — having not been fully recovered through my recursion and the reassimilation that followed.

This leads to a serendipitous visit that I had with Dr. Edgar Wright who, it seems, has surfaced for a time to aid the NIA. I have mixed feelings about his involvement with an organization that has been involved in what I consider nefarious activities in the past, but I also understand that if we are to unlock these mysteries, the path leads through the NIA.

I met with Calvin outside the facility.fcwohodfhhgugvmdgtdwdodjfisugsdfbq

Calvin is not the same man I knew at the Niantic Project or afterwards when he left to head up IQTech. He changed in a way I have not seen a man change before. The heavy air of guilt and covert pall that used to hang over him is gone. He is the Calvin I knew before the Afghan Anomaly. He seems decades younger and utterly unburdened.

Almost light-hearted.s.v.g.

It is, I guess, in a very real sense, what a man is like when he has been released from his sins — except it is different. There is no aura of the penitent, there is more the feeling of one who has never sinned. Ignore the theological tone of this, but this is the only language in which I can describe his demeanor. And even though I can not really comprehend his present state, I have no good reason to disbelieve it.

Perhaps the destruction of the MAGNUS has freed him of a burden he bore.

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