Subject: #FateOfThe13


Some days ago, I mentioned that I was interested in hearing the opinions of Agents around the world regarding the fate of the members of the current Niantic MAGNUS — Who should stay? Who should go? And why?

Responses have begun to emerge… I suspect there will be more as this important and difficult subject is probed and argued…_|///2_|3/_|-92833_|8-_|2/_|55//_|_|-366-\_|_|/86\-8_|_|7324_|-559/4_|_|_|951/_|_|_|_|6\_|25_|9/8774_|_|–5//0-8-/_|9/83_|_|_|_|3/\-_|7-_|_|/7_|_|60_|–_|46_|/51/_|74_|8192_|/-_|596-_|/-_|3-2250_|7551_|/6/44/69_|\5_|94_|628-_|/69-_|192\2524_|/3_|9–8\5_|9\/9_|98_|-9_|38_|27_|_|_|176-_|_|_|/731_|_|4814_|0718_|4-_|3-\05/_|6519_|–8/25_|9–6_|_|_|_|5/9/_|_|_|7/22512\_|5-98_|_|/\_|-/41_|9/_|66\130_|1/_|-7_|55-01\99_|\\_|8589_|2-_|715/_|84_|54/6\-_|/9\/_|3-\6_|2310233-0/_|\5\-2\\65\_|09_|730-_|/7-30//-_|\4_|_|\3/1_|62709-_|29_|3/_|74_|_|_|32/089_|_|172579_|_|4392_|_|_|3/_|_|_|9/3-_|\14–\/\979\_|-388_|_|_|-70976_|_|8\17_|_|_|4/

The responses thus far have been interesting and creative.

Enlightened Agent @m3taphor weighed in from the deck of a ferry en-route to the Sakurajima Volcano, Japan…

A mysterious individual known only as ‘N’ (Faction unknown), using software emulation to mask their true voice, covered each of the 13 Archetypes and researchers — but who is this person, and can they be trusted?

And finally, @Ishira, a Resistance Agent, chose to seek wisdom from within the Portal Network

I look forward to seeing this conversation develop further, and my thanks to the Agents who have contributed so far.


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