Hank Johnson: Worlds not our own


On his way out from DC, Hank Johnson makes a fascinating stop in Tysons Corner.

Before leaving DC I stopped at my storage shed in Tysons Corners. Kind of. It was like entering a haunted house. My belief is that, due to certain objects stored in there, it has become an extension of another Anomalous Zone.

The storage shed is not there to the others around me. It has been torn down and some kind of office complex has been built in its place. It would have appeared empty when they inspected the shed before demolishing it.

As I checked the facility and retrieved some objects that are now stored in time as well as space, I felt the presence of modern people going about their jobs.

It was a very odd sensation. Inside the shed, it was 2014.hihgefbfbfeiihfghicfafihdici

Metaphorically, the world has always been that, different times existing side-by-side in modern cities, but visiting a past that I myself existed in is very odd and yet informative for an archeologist.

In a literal sense and perhaps a metaphorical sense, I got back on the road.

I’m not sure whether it was the Aegis Nova, or Abaddon, or Via Luxe or Via Noir, which still seems to be somewhat upon us, but it is clear to me that we have entered a new era, and it is my feeling that the search for true knowledge supersedes past differences.jadtetcoferamced

Via Noir has been a very long road, but I feel it is coming to an end. I will be making every effort to be present for the MAGNUS in Northern California, but I, like every other human, am not in control of my destiny.

Some of my time has been spent attempting to unlock the secrets of the Prime Objects left to me by Azmati’s Uncle. In a perfect world — a detente — Jahan and I would share information, for I believe that we are in possession of interlocking Prime Objects, but we are, for reasons that should be apparent to most, not at a place where we can trust each other.

Thousands of years of rivalry, treachery and violence does not vanish in a day, and somewhere within me lurks the fear that perhaps we would be doing the bidding of the Exogenous forces if we were to collaborate. We must be very vigilant about what we let into our world, even if by our own actions.

And perhaps, we must be very vigilant about what worlds we enter that are not our own.

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