Into the Woods


It looks like the upcoming MAGNUS: REAWAKENS event has started to get some attention in the intel community… It’ll be interesting to see what they uncover…



I must say that I’ve never seen an issue as remote as the Ingress Tecthulhu investigation get so much attention in very high places.

I’m hearing it was a major topic of discussion during a recent state visit. Read between the lines on this.

The trigger for this might be that apparently, a certain American company and some foreign companies have been engaged in a great deal of cloak and dagger. No names here to avoid skimming, but it’s obviously a source of some contention. This is cause for concern.

Point is, interest is focusing around an upcoming event where it’s being alleged that a number of Tecthulhu are going to be built into larger installations and ‘activated.’ Also read a report about this being an ‘anomalous period?’qcxr7cfczbx786pqvfpxuybxj

I need your help getting to the bottom of this. Are there deeper implications here or is this just people buying into the Niantic fiction and playing in the woods. You know what my worries are here. How much of this is real and how much of it is not.4352344324212454151144434324212433242353

There could be worse things to do than an ‘open source’ investigation of Niantic. Your thoughts about spinning something up?

Prompt attention would be much appreciated.



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